Booking a First-Year Development Workshop

The Instructions on this page only apply for booking First Year Workshops. A separate booking system applies for First Year Development Online.

If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please contact: - PGR Development

Pre-booking Information

How to book onto a First Year Workshop in Liverpool Life

After you have selected the date of your preferred workshop, you need to use Liverpool Life to book a place on a First Year PGR Development Workshop by using the appropriate course code.

If you encounter any technical problems when following the instructions below, please contact the helpdesk, 

  1. Visit:
  2. Select the 'Academic' tab
  3. Locate the 'Modules' display in the right hand column
  4. Click on the ‘Amend Modules’ button.
  5. Click the link to 'Look up Modules to Add'
  6. Select the Term for the current year and then click ‘Submit’.
  7. Enter the workshop code, 'APRS' into the Subject session (leave the Course number vacant) and click the button 'Module Search'.

    You will then see a list of all modules for this subject code.

    If no modules are found with the code APRS, you will need to contact the Postgraduate Administrator in your Department/School or Institute.

  8. In the left most column, some modules will have a tickbox. You will need to check the course numbers against the dates for these workshops at

    Click the tick-box for your preferred module/dates to book on just one of these courses.

    Where the code is marked 'C', the course is either currently full or the course is not yet open for booking.

  9. Click the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page. Thank you for registering. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!
  10. The  system will not send you separate confirmation of your registration.
  11. Lastly, please note that if you cannot come on the workshop, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting Places are limited and if we can't fill your place at short notice, we may bill your Department!

Pre-Workshop Emails

Liverpool Life will not send you separate confirmation of your registration. All registered students will receive two email reminders from PGR Development, which will include instructions on preparation we would like you to do in advance and other important information.

If you have not received an email two weeks before the workshop, you should confirm your booking in the Module list within Liverpool Life and then contact for further advice.

The timetable and overview for the First-Year PGR Development Workshop is available for you to consult. Please note that some exercises may alter from workshop to workshop.

Cancelling a booking

If you are unable to use a place on a workshop that you are booked, you will need to delete your booking as soon as possible, and let us know through our cancel booking form - this will allow us to contact other students who may want the place on that particular workshop, as many workshops are often over-subscribed.

Please give us, and other students who want to attend, at least a one-week notice

Problems with Booking?

There are two issues that may cause problems with the booking process:

  1. The registration may be closed because the course is full or booking is not yet open. There is then no box to select the course
  2. No modules appear when you search on the APRS code.

If the first reason applies, please follow our blog to gains news when course booking open or if more places become available.

If the second reason applies, please contact the Postgraduate Administrator in your Department/School or Institute as there is a problem relating to your subject area.

If you are outside the University and are unable to access Liverpool Life to reserve your place, we may be able to reserve a place for you. Please email with your name the details of the workshop you would like to book and your student ID.


Completing the Workshop
Your record will be credited as having completed the requirement for the First-Year PGR Development Workshop by PGR Development after your attendance at the workshop. You will also receive a certificate as evidence of meeting the First-Year PGR Development requirement. Further enquiries should be addressed to

Post-Workshop Email
Following the workshop, participants will receive a post-workshop email that includes the resource materials used during the workshop and further information about development opportunities.