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M.Sc. University of Glasgow

Recent publications [here]

I completed my BSc at the University of East Anglia in Biomedicine in 2015, followed with an MSc in Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow where I found my interest in laboratory research, particularly in cancer. I then completed two research projects for my MRes at the University of Edinburgh in 2019 studying the role of Irf8 in facilitating immune evasion in glioblastoma, and my 2nd project was to validate a novel CRISPR repairing tool 'HITI' for the development of a gene therapy for a condition known as primary ciliary dyskinesia.

In 2019, I started my PhD with Dr. Urszula McClurg at the University of Liverpool. My project focuses on the mechanisms that drive the re-expression of certain meiotic genes in cancer. I am currently attempting to develop a proteomics-based DNA pulldown approach to identify regulators that are responsible for the transcription activation of certain meiotic genes.

This approach is referred to as the 'reverse ChIP', utilising promoter/enhancer sequences as a bait to pull down DNA binding proteins, followed by mass spectrometry to identify novel promoter interactome. My project is supervised by Dr. Urszula McClurg, Dr. Wee-Wei Tee (A*, Singapore) and Prof. Claire Eyers.