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About me

  • Prof Rob Beynon, Bsc, PhD (Wales)
  • Head of PFG
  • Mostly harmless
  • My main areas of research are in the areas of protein chemistry, proteomics, proteolysis, and proteolytic enzymes, with emphasis on proteome quantification and the understanding protein dynamics on a global, proteome wide scale and of developing relevant methods in intact animals and complex systems. I am the ‘reporting PI’ for the COPY project. I am Chair of BBSRC Bioscience Skills and Careers Strategy Panel and member of Council of the Biochemical Society. From April 2012 to March 2016 I have a 50% role as Royal Society Industrial Fellow, working with Waters on approaches to handling the dimensional complexity of the proteome

  • Here is my ResearchGate profile [LINK]:

    A grumpy old fart from the last millennium, who hates 'kit mentality' and who believes in being able to calculate things in your head. An enthusiast who is finding that the multiple demands on my time are turning me into a scientific hummingbird, flitting from task to task, emitting warning calls all the time. Goes on vacation and feels guilty, so checks email every day. A half-decent protein chemist and proteomics-guy with more ideas than common sense would presume. Basically, a happy bunny!

  • 1997-1993: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, University of Liverpool
  • 1993-1999: Chair of Biochemistry, UMIST, Manchester
  • 1999-present: Chair of Proteomics, University of Liverpool
  • Head of the Protein Function Group
  • Royal Society Industrial Fellow (from April, 2012)
  • Head of Technology Directorate, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
  • Member of BBSRC Bioscience and Skills Strategy Panel
  • Member of Council, and Theme Panel 6, Biochemical Society

  • B.Sc. 1st class Honours, Biochemistry, University of Wales
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Wales

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