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Happy New Year from CPR!

Welcome to the Centre for Proteome Research at The University of Liverpool. We are a well equipped lab, led by three academics, addressing a range of challenges in protein mass spectrometry and proteomics as applied to biology and biomedical sciences. The CPR also acts in part as a Shared Research Facility within the University’s Technology Directorate.

COVID-19. As the University of Liverpool is shutdown, we are only running samples relevant to the coronavirus pandemic. Be safe, everyone! See you on the other side.

Personalia and other news (to see all news items, jump [here])

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Annual posters
Our annual highlights posters are now here: [Papers in 2019] and [Events in 2019], created as usual by Victoria.
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Rethinking posters in science
We know this is going to be contentious, but have posters become too overwhelming? We're rolling out our interpretation at BMSS this coming week.
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CPR 'en masse' at BMSS40
Posters presented by Chris, Amy, Rosie, Natalie, Iris, Jos went down very well at BMSS40 at the RNCM in Manchester. Lots of discussion about alternative poster design and delivery.

Recent publications (to see all our papers jump [

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Non canonical phosphorylation published! Lovely work from Claire et al., on the ever-increasing complexity of protein modification. This paper, now published, was previously posted on bioarxiv, drawing over 1800 downloads - the value of preprint sharing! [here]
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Zap the crap! -
We've shown how REIMS can be used to analyse animal faeces and gain a great deal of information. Lovely work by Nicola, Natalie and Jos with with MBE [paper here]
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Rat MUPs
First author Lupe (now back in Cordoba). This paper describes the remarkable differences between the gene products of MUPs in rats and mice - notably, the plethora of post-transitional modifications, including phosphorylation. [here]

Other news

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CPR Datasets in PRIDE.
We are working hard to support open access and open data initiatives, and deposit raw data in [
PRIDE]. You can find our submitted datasets elsewhere on the ProteomeExchange site [HERE]. If you want to see why making data available is important, look [here] and [here], in that order.
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New funding and research opportunities
There may be postdoc and PhD student opportunities with Claire and Ed. Please make direct contact with them for general enquiries.
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Annual CPR ‘Year in review” posters
At the end of each year we produce a poster that captures our research outputs for the year, and also collates all of our main events, outreach, STEM activities etc. If you’d like to see these posters, then look for [EVENTS 2018] and [PUBS 2018] (PDF files). You can find our papers here (main menu, Papers) and pick up news information here.

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Posters of our work
We’ve prepared a full sized poster that covers the work we published: [
2014] [2015] [2016] [2017][2018][2019]. We also publish an annual summary of great events. [EVENTS 2015] [EVENTS 2016] [EVENTS 2017][EVENTS 2018][EVENTS 2019]. The 2020 posters will appear here at the end of the year.
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Web resources for proteomics
Pastel Biosciences have compiled an impressive set of web resources for proteomics. [HERE]

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QconCAT on YouTube
View a short YouTube video that explains how to use QconCATs for isoform quantification [

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