Staff and Students in Particle Physics

For the physics staff list please see this link.

Research Students  
Alice Baxter
Ron Collins
Selina Dhinsey
Matthew Franks
Andrew Groves
Jaggar Henzerling
Ben Hounsell
Adam Jaspan
Harry Lyons
Phillip Marshall
Michael O'Keefe
Joseph Patton
Gabriel Penn
Barney Philippou
Hamish Teagle
Julia Tena Vidal
Alex Webber-Date
Tom Williams Harrison
Lauren Yeomans
Chris Hills
James Mead
Matthew Sullivan
Matthew Warburton
Francis Bench
Rhiannon Jones
Gedminas Elertas
Billy Boxer
Hanna Borecka
Jared Vann
Wai Yuen Alan Chan
Kayleigh Thomson
Albahri, Talal Ali Mohamed Ali
M. Ahmed
Graham, Emily
Halewood-Leagas, Tabitha
Anthony, Lauren
Wark, Heather
Roberts, Adam
Franco Lima, Vinicius
Richard Moore
Saskia Charity
Will Turner
Chris Barry
Lingxin Meng
Pratiksha Paudyal
Matthew Buckland
Ellis Kay
Andrew Carroll
John Anders
Karlis Dreimanis
David Morris
Norman, Jaime
Joe Heffer
A. Carroll O. Burrows
L. Fulton M. Jackson
H. Kirov A. Lehan
N. Readioff M. Lazos
R. Stainforth A. Pritchard
J. Walker T. Stainer
S. Wonsak  
R. Calland H. Brown
J. Darling A. Bundock
D. Forshaw S. Mahmoud
M. Liles J. Price
B. Mcskelly A. Thorley
Y-J Schnellbach  
E. Hicks B. Wrona
L. Kellet G. Christodoulou
M. Murdoch J. Mylorie-Smith
G. Sellers S. Migas
P. Waller  
S. Donleavy N. Austin
L. Zang I. Bingham
K. Leney L. Dwyer
A. Noor M. Flowerdew
K. Panagiotidis L. Malycheva
C. Wiglesworth P. Prichard
A.J. Rahmat P. Prideaux
T. Woolliscroft K. Schofield
  S-M. Wynne
C.A. Chavez  
I.J. Forster  
M. Griffiths  
A. Mohamed  
A. Rimmer