Previous Particle Physics Seminars


18th January 2017

The mu2e experiment
Prof Marc Lancaster (UCL)

25th February 2017

Precision W and Z cross-sections and the first measurement of the W boson mass with ATLAS
Dr. Jan Kretzschmar (Liverpool)

8th February 2017 The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station: the era of precision cosmic-ray physics
Dr. Mercedes Paniccia (Geneva)
15th February 2017 Geoneutrinos
Dr Joachim Rose (Liverpool)
15th March 2017 The Circular Electron Positron Collider in China
Dr Joao Guimaraes da Costa (IHEP)
5th April 2017 The Dark Universe
Prof Catherine Heymans (Edinburgh)
3rd May 2017 Discovery opportunities with high intensity lepton experiments
Dr Martin Bauer (Bonn)
18th May 2017 The ATLAS Upgrade project
Dr Ingrid Gregor (DESY)
12th June 2017 High power neutrino beam targets
Dr Denis Derkach (RAL)
21st June 2017 Semileptonic Beauty decays with LHCb
Dr Mika Vesterinen (Oxford)
28th June 2017 Search for new physics in b->sll decays at LHCb
Dr Simone Bifani (Birmingham)
12th July 2017 New (anti)neutrino results from the T2K experiment on CP violation in the leptonic sector
Dr Davide Sgalaberna (Geneva)
26th July 2017 Latest Higgs boson results from the LHC
Dr Paul Thompson (Birmingham)
11th October 2017

Supersymmetric Decays in SoftSusy
Tom Cridge (Cambridge)

18th October 2017 MAPS-based vertex detectors for collider experiments: from the STAR HFT to the next generation
Dr Giacomo Contin (Berkeley)
25th October 2017 The HyperK experiment
Dr Neil McCauley (Liverpool)
8th November 2017 Why PERLE?
Dr David Douglas (Jefferson)
15th November 2017

Rare Decays at the LHCb: from beauty to strange
Dr Francesco Dettori (Liverpool)

13th December 2017 The QCD axion and other possible new light particles
Dr Ed Hardy (Liverpool)
25th July 2016 Quantum Enhanced Metrology using Rubidium Atoms
Dr. Rajiv Krishnakumar (Stanford University)
20th July 2016 T2K and NuPRISM: An experimental solution to the problems of neutrino interactions in long baseline neutrino experiments
Dr Mark Scott (TRIUMF)
25th May 2016 Plasma Wakefield Acceleration
Dr Jason Cole (Imperial College London)
27th April 2016 Lattice QCD
Dr. Andreas Jüttner (University of Southampton)
6th April 2016 Development of HV-CMOS sensors for the HL-LHC Upgrade and Future Experiments
Dr. Eva Vilella Figueras (University of Liverpool)
16th March 2016 Precision for Discoveries
Dr. Voica Radescu (DESY)
17th February 2016 The Quest for Unification
Prof. Alon Faraggi (University of Liverpool)
10th February 2016 The diphoton excess
Dr. Liron Barak (Weizmann Institute of Science)
3rd February 2016 First oscillation results from the NOvA experiment
Dr. Bruno Zamorano (University of Sussex)
27th January 2016 LHCb as a forward general purpose detector: results and prospects
Dr. Victor Coco (CERN)
Seminar Room 337
20th January 2016 An overview of the CERN NA62 experiment with emphasis on tracking
Dr. Vito Palladino (CERN)
Seminar Room 337
13th January 2016 First full calibration and reconstruction of a HEP detector in real time
Dr. Barbara Storaci (University of Zurich)
2nd December 2015 Sub-femtoscopic Rutherford Scattering
Prof. John Dainton (University of Liverpool)
25th November 2015 DUNE: The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
Prof. Mark Thomson (Cambridge)
18th November 2015 Proton Structure and Hadron Collider Phenomenology: Standard Model Craters and BSM physics
Dr. Marco Guzzi (University of Manchester)
11th November 2015 Searches for SUSY at ATLAS
Dr. Monica D'Onofrio (University of Liverpool)
28th October 2015 Heavy Resonance Searches at the LHC
Dr. Aidan Randle-Conde (University Libre Bruxelles)
14th October 2015 Model Testing in Particle Physics
Dr. Matthew Kenzie (CERN)
7th October 2015 Higgs Health Check
Dr. Andy Mehta (University of Liverpool)
23rd September 2015 Exploring the Extreme Universe with VERITAS
Dr. Jamie Holder (University of Delaware)
9th September 2015 Dark Photons : Bridging the gap between resonant and beam dump searches with LHCb
Dr. Philip Ilten (M.I.T.)
3rd June 2015 Quark Flavour Physics (Room 221, Mathematical Sciences Building)
Dr. Marco Gersabeck (University of Manchester)
27th May 2015 Searches for Beyond the SM Higgs Boson (3pm, Seminar Room 337)
Dr. Nikolaos Rompotis (University of Washington)
13th May 2015 Weak Measurement and its experimental realisation for non-zero mass particles
Dr. Robert Flack (UCL)
6th May 2015 Test of Lorentz and CPT Violation with Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Dr. Teppei Katori (QMUL)
15th April 2015 Cosmology from the microwave background (Seminar Room 337)
Prof. Joanna Dunkley (University of Oxford)
25th March 2015 Applications of Cosmic Ray Muon Tomography in Carbon Capture Storage and Homeland Security
Prof. Lee Thompson (University of Sheffield)
4th March 2015 Using LHCb heavy quark data to test the Standard Model
Dr. Rhorry Gauld (IPPP Durham)
18th February 2015 Tracking and Trigger Upgrades of CMS
Prof. Geoff Hall (Imperial College London)
10th February 2015 Rare Karon Physics
Dr. Giuseppe Ruggiero (CERN)
26th November 2014 Flavour-Covariant Rate Equations for Resonant Leptogenesis
Dr. Peter Millington (TUM Munich)
(Barkla Lecture Theatre - 2:00pm)
12th November 2014 Recent Soft QCD results from ATLAS
Dr. James Robinson (University of Manchester)
(Barkla Lecture Theatre - 2:00pm)
29th October 2014 The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Prof. Ian Shipsey (University of Oxford)
(Barkla Lecture Theatre - 2:00pm)
22nd October 2014 The Mu3E Experiment
Dr. Dirk Wiedner (University of Heidelberg)
(Seminar Room 337)
8th October 2014 Latest Results from the ALPHA experiment and Upgrades for the Next Run.
Dr. Petteri Pusa (University of Liverpool)
1st October 2014 Detection of special nuclear material at ports and airports using a modular detection system
Dr. Georgios Christodoulou (University of Liverpool)
30th May 2014 Flavour Physics
Dr. Martin Gorbahn (University of Liverpool)
14th May 2014 Playing with Quantum Gravity in the Laboratory
Prof. Jacob Bekenstein (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
7th May 2014 Rare Decays at LHCb
Dr. Mitesh Patel (Imperial College London)
30th April 2014 The LHCb Upgrade
Prof. Themis Bowcock (University of Liverpool)
23rd April 2014 Joint HEP/NP Seminar: The Quark-Gluon Plasma and Heavy Ion Collisions with ALICE at the LHC
Dr. Gines Martinez (Subatech Nantes)
16th April 2014 Proposal to search for Heavy Neutral Leptons at the SPS
Prof. Andrey Golutvin (Imperial College London)
12th March 2014 Physics in Palestine
Dr. Kate Shaw (ICTP) 
19th February 2014 Magnetic Monpoles at the LHC and in the Cosmos
Dr. Philippe Mermod (University of Geneva)
12th February 2014 AEgIS: A new experiment to measure the gravitational interaction of antihydrogen
Dr. Michael Doser (CERN)
29th January 2014 Charm Physics with the ALICE Experiment
Dr. Marcel Figueredo (University of Liverpool)
22nd January 2014 Detector R&D for a CLIC Vertex Detector
Dr. Dominik Dannheim (CERN)
15th January 2014 The Hunt for Dark Matter: First Results from the LUX Experiment
Dr. Chamkaur Ghag (University College, London)
4th December 2013 Central Exclusive Production in the forward region at the LHC
Dr. Ronan McNulty (University College Dublin)
20th November 2013 Top physics at LHCb 
Henry Brown (University of Liverpool) 
13th November 2013 Review of CHEP Conference
Dr. John Bland / Rob Fay (University of Liverpool)
6th November 2013 Magnetic Monopoles
Prof. Arttu Rajantie (Imperial College London)
23rd October 2013 Partity Violation - the greatest scientific blunder of the 20th century
Dr. Mark Hadley (University of Warwick)
29th May 2013 Searching for Magnetic Monopoles with the ATLAS detector
Dr. Sergey Burdin (University of Liverpool)
15th May 2013 Neutrino Astronomy with Large volume Neutrino Telescopes: Status and Prospective   
Prof. Paschal Coyle (CPPM Marseilles)
27th March 2013 Is The Electron Round
Prof. Ed Hinds, Centre for Cold Matter, (IC London)
6th February 2013 Trends in Gaseous Detectors and Physics
Prof. Ioannis Geomataris(SACLAY)
30th January 2013 Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon
Prof. Mark Lancaster (UCL)
16th January 2013 Search for the Higgs Boson with the CMS detector at the LHC
Dr. Serguei Ganjour (Saclay)
12th December 2012 DEAP/CLEAN-ing Dark Matter: the Search for Direct Detection with Liquid Argon
Dr. Jocelyn Monroe (RHUL)
5th December 2012 Trigger happy: A light-hearted introduction to hardware triggering (and how we want to make it easier)
Dr. Andrew Rose (Imperial College London)
7th November 2012 Charm Physics at LHCb
Dr. Matthew Charles (University of Oxford)
31st October 2012 Selected Physics Results from LHCb
Prof. Neville Harnew (University of Oxford)
12th July 2012 NA62
Dr Antonio Sergi
13th June 2012 Muon (g-2); Beyond or within the Standard Model? The new Fermilab experiment E989
Prof. B Lee Roberts (Boston)
18th April 2012 The Search for Gravitational Waves
Dr. Edward Daw (Sheffield)
24th May 2012 Open heavy flavours with ALICE at LHC
Dr Rossella Romita (GSI Darmstadt)
16th February 2012 NA62
Dr. John Fry (University of Liverpool)
2nd February 2012 SNO and SNO+
Professor Mark Chen(Queen's University)
26th January 2012 Measuring Exclusive Dimuon Production at LHCb
Dermot Moran (University College Dublin)