Particle Physics Seminars

Particle Physics seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons at 15:30 in Seminar Room 337 unless otherwise stated.

Details about the seminars, including abstracts and slides, are available on the indico page. Any queries, along with suggestions for speakers or offers of talks, are welcome and can be directed to Nikolaos Rompotis.

Schedule for winter/spring 2018:

  • 30th January: "SK-Gd and EGADS: Water Cherenkov evolved", Dr Matthew Murdoch (JSPS Fellow)
  • 31st January: Department Colloquium
  • 7th February: "The hunt for axion dark matter", Dr. Edward Daw (Sheffield)
  • 11th April: "Axion physics and the LHC", Dr Andrea Thamm (CERN)
  • 18th April: "Forward Top Physics at LHCb", Dr Stephen Farry (Liverpool)
  • 2nd May: "Evidence for ttH production at the LHC", Dr Tamara Vázquez Schröder (McGill)
  • 16th May: "Probing the Higgs Yukawa Couplings at the LHC" by Prof. Konstantinos Nikolopoulos (Birmingham)
  • 22nd May: "The interplay between quarkonium and open heavy flavour in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC" by  Audrey Francisco (IN2P3)
  • 30th May: "Probing the electroweak sector at the LHC" by Dr Kristin Lohwasser (Sheffield)
  • 6th June: Colloquium "Cosmology with radio and optical surveys" by Alkistis Pourtsidou (QMUL)
  • 13th June:  "Deep Learning -- Foundations of Deep Neural Networks" by Kurt Rinnert (Liverpool)
  • 27th June: "Dark matter with the NEWS-G experiment", by Dr I. Katsioulas (Orsay)

Schedule for fall 2017:

  • 4th October: -
  • 11th October: "Supersymmetric Decays in SoftSusy", Tom Cridge (Cambridge)
  • 18th October: "MAPS-based vertex detectors for collider experiments: from the STAR HFT to the next generation", Giacomo Contin (Berkeley)
  • 25th October: "The HyperK experiment", Neil McCauleigh (Liverpool)
  • 1st November: Department Colloquium
  • 8th November: "Why PERLE?", Dr David Douglas (Jefferson)
  • 15th November: "Rare Decays at the LHCb: from beauty to strange", Dr Francesco Dettori (Liverpool)
  • 22nd November: Department Colloquium
  • 29th November: ATLAS Anniversary Party
  • 6th December: Department Colloquium
  • 13th December: "The QCD axion and other possible new light particles", Ed Hardy (Liverpool)

Schedule for spring-summer 2017:

  • 18th January: "The mu2e experiment", Prof Mark Lancaster (UCL)
  • 25th January: "Precision W and Z cross-sections and the first measurement of the W boson mass with ATLAS", Dr. Jan Kretzschmar (Liverpool)
  • 1st February: Department Colloquium
  • 8th February: "The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station: the era of precision cosmic-ray physics", Dr. Mercedes Paniccia (Geneva)
  • 15th February: "Geoneutrinos", Dr Joachim Rose (Liverpool)
  • 22nd February: no seminar this day
  • 1st March: "Hop TOP-ics: Latest and greatest top quark results from ATLAS", James Howarth (Manchester)
  • 8th March: Department Colloquium
  • 15th March: Special Colloquium "The Circular Electron Positron Collider in China", Joao Guimaraes da Costa (IHEP)
  • 24th March: (Exceptionally on Friday this week) "The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at BNL", Prof. Bernd Surrow (Temple University)
  • 29th March: Department Colloquium
  • 5th April: Special Colloquium "The Dark Universe", Prof Catherine Heymans (Edinburgh)
  • 12th April TBA
  • 19th April TBA
  • 26th April: Department Colloquium
  • 3rd May: "Discovery opportunities with high intensity lepton experiments", Martin Bauer (Bonn)
  • 10th May: Away day, no seminar
  • 18th May: [exceptionally on Thursday this week] "The ATLAS Upgrade project" Ingrid Gregor (DESY)
  • 24th May: no seminar this week
  • 31st May: no seminar this week
  • 7th June:  TBA
  • 14th June: "High power neutrino beam targets", Denis Derkach (RAL) 
  • 21st  June: "Semileptonic Beauty decays with LHCb", Mika Vesterinen (Oxford)
  • 28th June: "Search for new physics in b->sll" decays at LHCb", Simone Bifani (Birmingham)
  • 12th July: "New (anti)neutrino results from the T2K experiment on CP violation in the leptonic sector", Davide Sgalaberna (Geneva)
  • 19th July: "Ultrafast laser-materials micro-structruring and applications", Perrie Walter (Liverpool)
  • 26th July: "Latest Higgs boson results from the LHC", Paul Thompson (Birmingham)