Industrial Collaboration

The Particle Physics group has long-standing experience in collaborating with industry to develop detector technologies.

We have collaborated on silicon sensor technology with Micron Semiconductor (UK) Ltd. (Worthing) for nearly 15 years on developing sensors for ATLAS, LHCb, RD50 and future programmes such as the detectors for SLHC.

We are collaborating with e2v technologies (Chelmsford) for sensor developments for the ILC VXD and as a member of the M-I3 consortium. Dr Arwel Evans has now taken employment with e2v following completion of his CASE PhD with Liverpool and the RAL Microelectronics Group.

On SoI detectors, we and Queens University Belfast, hold a PIPSS award with Andor Technologies (Belfast) Ltd. as industrial partner.

Our MAPS prototype diamond ladder support was developed in collaboration with Element-6.

We have worked closely with Stevenage Circuits on developing the low mass flex circuits for LHCb. With TM Plastics (Runcorn), we supplied the 2500 anti-static module support frames and transport boxes used throughout the ATLAS Forward Module community.

We hosted the GridPP-11 meeting in September 2004 with IT Supplies, Dell, Force-10 and 3-Com as industrial exhibitors.

In September 2005 we hosted the 7th International Position Sensitive Detector Conference. This was attended by the following industrial exhibitors: Alrad Instruments, Hilger Crystals, John Caunt Scientific, Photonis, Photek, Saint-Gobain Crystals, Ametek/Ortec, Andor Technology, Canberra Harwell, e2v technologies Hammamatsu Photonics and Micron Semiconductors Ltd.