ForwArd Search ExpeRiment

In 2020, Liverpool joined the ForwArd Search ExpeRiment, FASER, which is a new experiment at CERN designed to complement the LHC's ongoing physics programme, extending its discovery potential to light and weakly-interacting particles that may be produced copiously at the LHC in the far-forward region.

New physics particles targeted by FASER are, for instance, long-lived dark photons or dark scalars. A tracking-based technology, supplemented by a magnet and an electromagnetic calorimeter  to allow for energy measurements are the key components of FASER. An additional sub-detector, FASERnu, has been added to the experimental apparatus to detect high energy neutrinos from pp collisions. The full detector was successfully installed in March 2021 and operations are planned during Run 3. The first FASER paper has been published in November 2021, reporting for the first time evidence of neutrinos produced at colliders.

The Liverpool team consists of Prof Monica D'Onofrio (PI), Dr Carl Gwilliam and PhD student Charlotte Cavanagh.  We are responsible of the simulation and reconstruction software development, focusing in particular on the response of the electromagnetic calorimeter. The group is currently working on the analysis of the data collected during the 2021 test beam campaign carried out using one of the CERN beam lines to establish the calibration of the FASER calorimeter system.  

In 2021, Dr Carl Gwilliam has been appointed Physics Coordinator of FASER.

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