LHCb VELO modules constructed at Liverpool


The Particle Physics group is involved in a number of key experiments around the world.

See more details of our Strategy, or click on the links below for details of specific experiments.

Project Location Status Physics Hardware Contribution
ATLAS CERN Data taking Search for New Physics, Higgs, Extra Dimensions,  Supersymmetry, Standard Model. Forward Silicon Central Tracker
LHCb CERN Data taking Quark Flavour Physics, Rare B decays Vertex Detector (VELO)
T2K Tokai/Kamioka Data taking Long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment EM Calorimeter for near detector
CTA   Prototyping High energy cosmic rays detection with air showers Camera sensor, slow control electronics and environmental housing.
SNO+ Sudbury, Canada Commissioning Neutrinoless double beta decay  
NA62 CERN Data taking Rare kaon decay measurements CEDAR particle identification detector
RD50 CERN In progress RD50 is a collaboration to design silicon detetectors for future experiments Design, production and testing of novel Silicon detectors
g-2 Fermilab In construction Measure the anomalous magentic moment of the muon Design and building straw chambers
DUNE Fermilab Detector design Long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment  
Dark Energy Liverpool In construction Measurements of dark energy with ultra cold atoms Building a pair of ultacold atom interferometers
ARIADNE Liverpool Detector development Develop a large scale liquid argon detector Full project
PRaVDA iThemba Labs In construction Proton computed tomography and dosimetry measurements

Silicon Tracker

Reactor Monitoring Wylfa Operational Measuring the flux of neutrinos from a reactor core Full project
LZ SURF, South Dakota, USA Preparation for construction  Search for Dark Matter  
GAMBE Liverpool In construction Demonstrating Li6 covered silicon sensors with gamma suppression  Full project