Here are our ongoing studies 


  • Safety And Efficacy of Anakinra treatment in persistent Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Cellular, Molecular and behavioural studies to investigate IgG serum-autoantibodies in severe Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), and in persistent CRPS (Collaboration with D.Naisbitt and Roz Jeknkins Liverpool, D. Andersson, Kings College London, Camilla Svensson, Karolinska Institute Stockholm Sweden)
  • Characterisation of a passive transfer-trauma model for complex regional pain syndrome (collaboration with S. Helyes, University of Pecs, Hungary)
  • Pain intensity and distribution in Behcets disease (collaboration Rheumatology departments)
  • Assessment of epicutaneous peripheral nerve stimulator treatment of post nerve trauma pain, and assessment of neural Long-term Depression/Long-Term Potentiation in these patients (with S. Johnson adn Andy Marshall, University of Liverpool), Walter magerl, Heidelberg, germany)
  • SNPs in CRPS and FMS (collaboration with G. Wood, M.Lee, N.Shenker, Cambridge)