Aberdeen University in joint survey with NHS to research Chronic pain

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A joint survey is being carried out into whether melatonin can help improve the lives of people suffering from chronic pain.

NHS Grampian and Aberdeen University have formed a partnership to carry out the research which looks into sleep disturbance. It is thought that if patients are treated for sleep problems then it could help improve their management of pain. The research is looking into melatonin treatment and whether it will assist patients suffering from certain conditions. Over 40% of patients attending a pain management clinic in Northeast Scotland rated their pain at levels of 7 or more out of 10, indicating severe pain. Higher pain scores are linked to more disturbed sleep and poorer sleep quality.

The research is well under way and 18 participants have already been recruited to the study from pain management clinics at the Aberdeen Health Village.

For more information including the inclusion/exclusion criteria then please click here