Climate Change: Making sense of the science

Climate Change: Making sense of the science

Thursday 19 March, 6pm-7pm
502 Teaching Hub, University of Liverpool


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The panel will comprise of:

  • Professor Douglas Mair (Chair), Professor of Glaciology and Head of the School of Environmental Sciences
  • Professor Ric Williams, Ocean Sciences
  • Professor Karl Whittle, Nuclear Engineering
  • Dr Raj Whitlock, Senior Lecturer in Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour
  • Professor Georgina Endfield, Professor of Environmental History
  • Professor Claire Mahaffey, Professor of Ocean Sciences

Supporting the climate emergency

This event is part of a two-part panel discussion where we will show how we’re connecting our research, education and sustainability agendas to address the global climate crisis.

With leading experts from across the University, the panel will discuss the science behind this global emergency and consider societal responses and potential solutions.

Find out more about the second event, Climate Change: A society in crisis? below.

Climate Change: A society in crisis?

Climate Change: A society in crisis?

Continuing the discussion, the panel – comprising experts from across the arts and humanities, social science and policy perspectives – will consider climate resilience from a social and cultural viewpoint. Key questions will focus on how people conceptualise, imagine and articulate knowledge about climate change, how climate change risk is communicated, the importance of place in understanding climate change risk, and how we might prepare for uncertain climate futures.

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