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A range of courses and bespoke CPD that enables individuals and organisations to remain at the top of their game in today's competitive working environment.

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Your career is in your own hands. To stay fresh, relevant and at the top of your game, you should continually update your skillset and knowledge. Our CPD courses can help to unlock your potential.

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Bespoke CPD

What’s the secret to a highly profitable business? A workforce of highly-motivated and well-trained staff can make a huge difference to your organisation’s efficiency, productivity and bottom line.

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Executive CPD

CPD from the University of Liverpool enables business and individuals to go further. Our wide range of executive development programmes is designed to maximise your potential in an increasingly competitive environment.

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CPD in London

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at the University of Liverpool in London provides opportunities for individuals and organisations alike to gain maximum benefit from professional courses enabling you to remain at the top of your game in today's fast changing and competitive working environment.

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