About the Directorate of Occupational Therapy

Equipping you for success

We operate one of the longest established Occupational Therapy schools in the UK, with its roots going back over 60 years.

Over this time we've built up a vast body of expertise, along with a reputation that makes our Graduates some of the most sought after Occupational Therapists around.

Now based within the School of Health Sciences, we run a 3-year pre-registration Degree course. There are around 60 SHA funded places available each year. In addition we supervise and teach postgraduates.

Service users and employers are important contributors to course design and delivery here, as are our research institutes. You can be confident your course is up-to-date and relevant to the needs of people using health and social care services.

Our academic staff are excellent teachers and practitioners. Many are also active researchers and you can read about them in our staff directory.

With our long history we've a large, supportive alumni network. This gives us enough willing hosts to organise all the professional practice placements our undergraduates need, within easy travelling distance of Liverpool.

Find out more about our BSC (Hons) in Occupational Therapy.

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