Our research

At the Centre we are committed to improving cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment through world-class research and access to the latest therapies.

The Centre encourages interaction and collaboration between researchers at the University of Liverpool, NWCR-Institute Bangor and the University of Lancaster, forming a network of research programmes across the North West.

Access to first-class facilities

By working together and sharing our knowledge and resources, we can ensure cancer researchers have access to first-class academic research centres and facilities regardless of where they are based. These include ‘cutting-edge’ technological platforms, including the UoL’s Technology Directorate, the Centre for Genomic Research, the Centre for Cell Imaging, the Centre for Drug Safety Science, and the Centre for Proteomic Research, clinically-annotated Biobanks including the Liverpool Tissue Bank and the Liverpool GCLP Facility, the Region’s clinical trials units including the Liverpool Clinical Trials Unit, the Liverpool Early Drug Development Unit and the North West Hub for Trials Methodology Research (NWHTMR), as well as the Bioinformatics and Biostatistical departments.

Cutting-edge innovative projects

We specifically engage with researchers in subjects not conventionally related to biomedical studies, such as the Universities Departments of Physics and Chemistry, to find new ways to understand cancer. These cutting-edge innovative projects investigate how the physical sciences can impact on the cancer agenda, e.g. in radiation physics and clinical radiation oncology. This ensures that we are making the best use of all the resources available to us in the fight against cancer.