PhD Studentships of the North West Cancer Research (NWCR) Centre

The NWCR Centre comprises a network research groups from across the NW of England who work on basic and translational aspects of cancer biology.

Our PhD studentships are very competitive: we choose projects and matching students of highest calibre. So are we very lucky to now have such promising rising stars representing our Centre.

As part of the funding package for the NWCR Centre@UoL, North West Cancer Research has funded 8 PhD studentships to date.

October 2014

Miss Lucy Ireland
Identification and validation of signalling pathways regulating desmoplasia and pancreatic cancer progression
Supervisor: Dr Ainhoa Mielgo (University of Liverpool)

Miss Erithelgi Bertsoulaki
Development of cellular models to quantitatively profile ALK-kinase signalling in neuroblastoma
Supervisor: Professor Mike Clague (University of Liverpool)

Miss Valaria Quaranta
Investigating the pathophysiological changes in myeloid immune cells that promote pancreatic cancer metastasis
Supervisor: Dr Michael Schmid (University of Liverpool)

October 2016

Miss Terpsi Vitti
Proton beam therapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and uveal melanoma
Supervisor: Dr Jason Parsons (University of Liverpool)

Miss Angharad Wilkie
Investigation of therapy-induced ciliogenesis, and a novel dual regulator of ciliogenesis and DNA repair
Supervisor: Dr Chris Staples (Bangor University)

October 2017

Mr Sean Duffy
Proteomics Meets Cancer Therapeutics: Comprehensive Analysis of Cellular Drug Interactions in CML using Mass Spectrometry-based Thermal Proteomic Profiling
Supervisor: Dr Pat Eyers (University of Liverpool)

Miss Ottilie Swinyard
Molecular analysis of Ap4A-mediated regulation of DNA replication and genome stability
Supervisor: Dr. Nikki Copeland (University of Lancaster)

Ms Claire Kelly
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging markers for identification of IDH mutation and grading of gliomas
Supervisor: Professor Harish Poptani and Dr Violaine See (University of Liverpool)