The (NWCR Centre - UoL) has four committees to ensure that the Centre's vision, goals and strategic plan align, and that these elements complement that of the various Institutes across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University and that of the Centre’s stakeholders.  The Committees are listed below.

Governance Board

The Governance Board consists of representatives from all of the Centre's stakeholders including;

Centre Strategy Advisory Group

Reporting to the Governance Board, the “” is responsible for strategy development and delivery, as well as additional fund leveraging.

Executive Committee

The “Centre Exec Team” is responsible for the daily/weekly organisation of the Centre, with the dissemination of information to all of the Centre’s research teams via the Centre Administrator.

Research & Education Committee

The Research & Education Committee is responsible for distributing the annual 'Research Development Fund' in a fair and transparent manner, and organising the Doctoral Training Program (DTP) studentships sponsored by the Centre.

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