About the Centre

One of the main goals of the North West Cancer Research Centre - University of Liverpool (NWCR Centre - UoL) is to reduce the impact of cancers across the Region.

We will achieve this through innovative world-class research into detecting, treating and preventing a range of cancer types, and improving the quality of life and palliative care of cancer patients.

We also work with all Regional stakeholders, including local authorities, local Members of Parliament, healthcare academics, Public Health England, the Clinical Networks and commissioners, to inform people about various cancers and, encourage healthier lifestyles, in order to reduce their risk of getting cancer. Read more about our structure.

We will create a network of Cancer research across NW England and Wales by interacting closely with the NWCR-sponsored centres at the University of Bangor and the University of Lancaster.

Our Mission

To deliver world-class fundamental and translational research in the North West that increases our understanding of cancers and results in a reduced incidence of cancer, improved survival rates and enhanced quality of life for cancer survivors in the Region.

Our Vision

To build a strong sustainable Cancer Research Centre that will address the serious health challenge caused by cancer, through integrating excellent fundamental and clinical cancer research with the delivery of first class cancer treatments.