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Welcome to the North West Cancer Research Centre - University of Liverpool

One of the main goals of the Centre is to reduce the impact of cancers across the Region.  We will achieve this through innovative world-class research into detecting, treating and preventing a range of cancer types, and improving the quality of life and palliative care of cancer patients.

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Annual Scientific Symposium

Our Annual Scientific Symposium welcomes over 200 academic staff, research staff and postgraduate research students to celebrate the very best of innovation and science. Read more about our Annual Scientific Symposium.


North West Cancer Research Centre- University of Liverpool Seminar Series

Friday 1 February 2019,  
13:00 – 14:00

North West Cancer Research Centre, Lecture Theatre 200 London Road, L3 9TA

Speaker: Dr Seth Coffelt, Group Leader, Beatson Institute, CRUK Glasgow Centre, University of Glasgow

Title: "From rarity to clarity: gamma delta T cells in cancer"