Nursing as a career

A brief guide

What qualifications do I need to become a Nurse?

All nurses who practice in the UK must be on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register. To qualify as a nurse you must follow a programme of study that is approved by the NMC.

From 2012, all nursing programmes will be offered at degree level.  There are four fields of nursing: adults, children, mental health and learning disabilities. Our degree programme focuses on adult nursing.

Where could my nursing degree take me?

There are high employment rates amongst nursing graduates. One survey found that in 2009 around 85% of them went into full-time employment, mostly in healthcare roles.

There are set career grades within the profession so progression is quite clear. Beyond this you could specialise in certain conditions or patient groups, go into management or into research or education.

It's important to choose the right degree course when you're starting out. If adult nursing interests you we hope to hear from you soon.

What about further study?

Nursing's a profession that never stands still.

New challenges, new technology, new treatment methods - they're all constantly developing so expect to update your skills and knowledge throughout your career.

The profession itself is changing. Modern nurses have far more responsibility than ever before in terms of the work they're allowed to do. It's a very exciting and challenging occupation.

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