Our nuclear science and engineering research is multi-disciplinary and involves close collaboration with the civil nuclear industry.

The topics we cover range from fundamental physics and engineering to environmental sciences and socio-economics.

A central unifying theme across our research output is the use of the Models, Observations for their Validation, Interpretation and Explanation (MOVIE) framework.

Our current research activities include:

  • Innovative gamma ray detection systems for imaging the type, location and strength of radioactive sources
  • Automated formal verification of software and processes using logical reasoning and mathematics to ensure safety, reliability and security of systems
  • Robust design of nuclear systems taking account of inherent variability & uncertainty in material properties, boundary conditions, measurement and human errors
  • Catastrophe modelling for decision-making using probabilistic, non-probabilistic and imprecise probabilities to simulate multiple scenarios
  • Validation of computational modelling based protocols that establish uncertainty and credibility
  • 3D multi-physics modelling and validation of filtration systems consisting of natural and man-made porous media filters that form complex nonlinear systems.