Studying Creative Writing at Undergraduate Level

Working on Ellipses the student literary magazine
Working on Ellipsis, the student literary magazine

A rich literary past

Liverpool has long been a centre of artistic and literary activity. Whether writing purely critically, or in critical/ creative mode, studying for a degree in the Department of English at Liverpool will bring you into contact with a range of writers of national and international reputation.

Either as an undergraduate or as part of our vibrant postgraduate community you will have the opportunity to write and think alongside writers and critics in a vibrant city with an impressive range of cultural institutions all within a short walking distance.

Undergraduate courses

Creative Writing can currently be studied at undergraduate level in the second year of your degree (Creativity) and in your third year (Creative Writing: Prose, and Creative Writing: Poetry).

Creative Writing at Liverpool does not sit as a separate pathway, but works in dialogue with your critical writing in English: we do not think that learning to write can be separated from developing the critical and close reading skills which you use to read literary texts.

Royal Literary Fund Fellow

Students are additionally supported by the Royal Literary Fund Fellow, currently playwright and poet Lizzie Nunnery, who offers one-to-one surgeries for any students of the University interested in developing their writing.