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“Detailed and good mix of cases. Excellent variety of stimulating cases, many of which I've never seen before. Small groups and lots of hands on experience. God tips on how to focus examination. Very interesting and relevant signs. Well structured and extensive experience. Helpful examiners and constructive feedback. Good cases, great exposure. Not intimidating! Knowledgeable tutors”

“I got through my PACES exam AND I got FULL MARKS in the Neurology station! I would like to thank everybody at NeuroPACES” – Dr B

“I have already recommended this course to my colleagues and three of them have attended and others are attending it soon. I found this course very helpful and scored 20/20 in my neurology station last year and passed my exam in the first go. I am thankful to Neuropaces for a very good variety of cases we were exposed to during the course.” – Dr M

“I would highly recommend the ' Neuro PACES' course. I attended the course in February a few weeks before my exam. It most definitely helped me do well in the exam. I achieved 92% overall and passed at my first attempt.

The teaching style is very efficient, a combination of neurology regs/consultants/professors take small groups and assess/teach/give feedback. This enables you to cover a large number of important neurology cases. I felt confident going into the neurology station that I would have seen a case similar during the course-and I did.

It is an intensive day but there are a good number of short breaks to help. There are many opportunities to ask questions.

In summary if you have any concerns about the neurology station (majority of us) then you will not regret coming on this course. It's highly recommended.”

 “Very friendly and knowledgeable examiners” – Dr H 

“I saw cases I had only ever read about before! I feel so much more prepared for the exam now!” – Dr S 

“Great examiners, clear systematic approach” – Dr N

“Examiners gave you a chance to experience REAL exam situation, but were also friendly!”

 ”What can be improved? ...Nothing!”

“Fantastic range of cases, including rare things I'd not even heard of!”

“Good sized groups to get exposure to great cases and range of clinical signs” – Dr S

“Excellent teaching, where everyone gets lots of chances to examine multiple pathologies +++!!! Very organised and very focused exam. I passed in first attempt and got good score. An absolute 'must-do' for PACES” – Dr A