Current research

Current Research

Enhancing our understanding of the nervous system in health and disease for the public good

The Liverpool Neuroscience Group is a multi-disciplinary group of academics with attention focussed in many diverse areas. Many research groups have been created both at the University of Liverpool and in the Merseyside area to explore various Neuroscience topics.

Click the following links to learn more about some of these groups’ research interests and to find key contacts:

Neuronal Signalling Group

Research into the various aspects of neuronal function including neurotransmitter release, neuronal calcium signals and sensors and the role of chaperone proteins in ageing and neurodegeneration. Read more

Mental Health and Behaviour Research Group

Research into mechanisms that define how gene and environmental interactions combine to shape our behaviour, mental health, and wellbeing. Read more

Epilepsy Research Group

Research covering a broad spectrum from laboratory investigation to patient-focused projects to address some of the most significant issues in epilepsy therapeutics. Read more


Research into fundamental neurobiology as well as a range of research projects covering three main therapeutic areas: epilepsy, pain, and mental health and behaviour. Read more

Neurosciences Research Unit

The Research Unit has an established record in clinical trials and outcome assessment in epilepsy and other neurological disorders and has access to a full range of clinical investigative facilities. Read more

Brain Infections Group

A multidisciplinary team of clinicians and basic scientists focussed on research into diseases including Japanese encephalitis, Dengue fever, and West Nile virus among others. Read more

Mental Health in Context

Studying the causes and development of mental health difficulties within both personal and socio-cultural contexts. Read more

Addiction Group

Research into the cognitive, biological and social processes involved in addiction, with a focus on problem drinking and cigarette smoking. Read more

Appetite Group

Basic and applied research addressing behavioural and psychological processes that govern appetite expression at a variety of levels from the molecular to the whole person. Read more

Perception Group

Research into understanding human perceptual processing and how the brain integrates information across the different senses. Themes include visual perception and cognition, pain perception, multisensory integration, speech, aesthetics, and olfaction. Read more

Somatosensory and Affective Neuroscience Research Group (Liverpool John Moores University)

Research into the skin’s sensory receptors, with a focus on the afferent c-fibres that transduce pain, itch and pleasant touch. Read more

Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour (Liverpool John Moores University)

The Centre investigates cognitive and brain mechanisms in psychologically and neurologically intact adult humans, and the disruption of these processes caused by drugs, brain damage, ageing or atypical development. Read more

The Walton Centre

The Walton Centre is the only specialist neurosciences NHS Trust in the UK. Their vision is to provide patients with excellent neurosurgery, neurology, pain, spinal and rehabilitation services, built on research and education and delivered with care, dignity and compassion. Read more

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group (Liverpool Hope University)

The Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group at Hope University researches into brain mechanisms of cognitive functions. We carry out basic research in areas such as perception, emotion, and memory, as well as studying topics such as neuroaesthetics and expertise. Read more