The aims and objectives of the Liverpool Neuroscience Group are:

  • To increase the profile of activities, capabilities and achievements of Neuroscience in Liverpool both internally and to external audiences.
  • To generate enhanced levels of research activity by focusing on interdisciplinary areas, both current and newly defined.
  • To develop undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities that exploit new interdisciplinary interests.
  • To promote partnerships with other institutions, particularly from outside the UK, which complement and extend our technical capability and reach.
  • To focus on developing relationships with research capability in developing nations that respect the needs and interests of those institutions.
  • To contribute to the public understanding of brain science by forming working relationships with colleagues in the social sciences and humanities.
  • To work to ensure that opportunities for protection and commercialisation of outputs of research are properly explored and fully exploited.
  • To encourage a high level of involvement in setting the agenda on science particularly in UK research councils, but also internationally.