About us

About us

An interdisciplinary network dedicated to Neuroscience research

The Liverpool Neuroscience Group is a University of Liverpool-led initiative, established to identify and develop the existing expertise in the field of Neuroscience and mental health in the Merseyside area. Formerly known as ‘Brain Cell’, the group revived itself as the Liverpool Neuroscience Group in 2010, but remains the local group of the British Neuroscience Association and continues to have strong ties with them.

The group serves to facilitate the joining up of multi and inter-disciplinary groups of researchers, educators, and others across Merseyside who share a passion for neuroscience. The aim of the network is to foster discussion and collaboration across institutions and disciplines, with the objective of enhancing our understanding of the nervous system in health and disease for the public good.

The group is organised by Dr Yvonne Allen, lecturer at the University of Liverpool in the School of Life Sciences. Dr Allen has recently returned to academia after a long period of secondment as Executive Secretary of the British Neuroscience Association. Her experience of running the affairs of this vibrant learned society has generated new research interests and provided a unique insight into neuroscience research across the country.

To recieve updates about the group's activity and to be notified of upcoming events and seminars, please email lng.admin@liverpool.ac.uk to join our mailing list.