Terms and conditions

  1. The Ness Botanic Gardens Photography Competition (‘the Competition’) is owned and organised by the University of Liverpool acting through Ness Botanic Gardens (‘NBG’)
  2. The Competition is open to all amateur and professional photographers. Amateur and professional entries will not be judged separately
  3. Photos must be the original work of the entrant and taken during the previous 12 months
  4. Images that have won or been, commended or received notable publicity in any major competition before the submission deadline or judging will be disqualified at the judges’ discretion
  5. Permissions
    • It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary permissions are obtained from any person featured in a photograph
    • NBG requires that prior permission is sought before submitting photographs of private property or private gardens
  6. Entrants are required to photograph Ness Botanic Garden in a way that is both creative and honest. Images entered must not attempt to deceive the viewer or misrepresent the reality of the Garden
  7. Entrants must not do anything to injure or distress any animals, destroy their habitat or damage plants in an attempt to secure an image
  8. Adults categories (17 or over on the competition entry date)
    • Plants: A plant (tree, shrub or flower) either singly or in a group of the same plant, or a close-up taken at Ness Botanic Garden
    • Gardens: A landscape photograph taken at Ness Botanic Garden
    • Wildlife: Animals, insects, birds or fungi taken at Ness Botanic Garden
    • Abstract: an image taken at Ness Botanic Garden
    • Outdoor Spaces: An image taken in your back garden, local park or any favourite outdoor spaces from beaches to woodlands. The image can be a landscape, plants or wildlife

      Up to three photographs may be submitted for the entry fee of £10. Friends of Ness Garden can enter 5 images for £10. Additional images may be submitted at £2 each.
  9. Young photographer’s categories
    • 10 years old and under
    • Photographers between the ages of 10 and 16
  10. Entrants must be eligible for the categories on the day the competition closes. Both young photographer categories are free to enter. No more than three images may be entered by each entrant. Photos must be taken at NGB, they can depict something plant, garden or wildlife-related.
  11. Social Media category (photographers of all ages).
    • The image must be taken at NBG and can be related to any of the categories - Plants, Gardens, Wildlife and Abstract. A monthly winner will be selected and then be fed into the competition judging
    • Entries to the Social Media category must be submitted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #NBGphotocomp
    • Any images shared on social media platforms using #NBGphotocomp are subject to these Rules. Images which do not adhere to the Rules may be disqualified from the competition
    • The category will run monthly from January to December. Each month’s draw will open and close at midday at the beginning and end of each month
    • Social Media category is limited to a maximum of 5 monthly submissions. Each entrant may only win one monthly social media vote. Additional entries will not be selected for public voting
    • Images cannot be resubmitted into more than one monthly competition
    • Entries to the Social Media category do not affect the submissions limit for other categories.
    • Images are permitted to have watermarks but the entrant will be required to provide non-watermarked high res version if they are the monthly winner
  12. Digital images and prints will be accepted from any type of film or digital cameras
  13. Digital images: must be submitted as JPEGs on a CD. The CD must carry the name, telephone and email address of the entrant. Each digital image file must be labelled with the image title, entrants name and which category it is being entered in
  14. Prints: must be printed on an A4 page and unmounted. The back of each print must carry the name, telephone number and email address of the entrant, the image title and description, and the category for which the photo is entered
  15. Digital manipulation: should be limited to minor adjustments and minor cropping. Entrants whose work has been shortlisted will be required to provide their original files for checking for excessive manipulation. Pictures showing obvious excessive manipulation will be disqualified. The judges' decision is final
  16. Submission: prints and CD’s, with completed entry form and fee, can be submitted at the Admissions’ desk in the Visitors centre at Ness Botanic Garden. Alternatively, entries can be posted to Photography Competition, Ness Botanic Garden, Neston Road, Ness, Neston, CH64 4AY. We regret that prints and CD’s cannot be returned
  17. For images being printed in the exhibition, you must be able to supply a high-resolution file, preferably TIFF, at 300dpi, suitable for printing in all media
  18. Ness Botanic Garden accepts no responsibility or liability for lost or damaged entries
  19. Copyright and usage
    1. Entrants retain the copyright holder to any images submitted by themselves
    2. Awarded and shortlisted entrants agree to grant NBG, its partners and sponsors the right to reproduce, enlarge, publish and exhibit for any purpose related to the competition in any medium, including print and digital. For this purpose, NBG claims the right to edit or use images in combination with others
    3. The entrants agree to NBG free usage sublicensing the shortlisted images for press articles or any other external communications related to the competition
    4. After the winners have been announced entries will be deleted or destroyed, apart from those that have been shortlisted
    5. NBG will try to ensure the photographers will be credited on all mediums, but in the event of inadvertent omission of the credit, the photographer agrees that the Ness Botanic Gardens are not liable
    6. The entrant is responsible for any claim made by a third party against the submission
  20. All entrants agree that, if their entry is awarded or shortlisted, they will participate in related publicity and agree to the use of their name and likeness for the purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity of the Competition and/or the Competition exhibitions without additional compensation
  21. Closing date for receipt of entries is 4pm Friday 18 December 2020
  22. Entrants with shortlisted images only will be notified
  23. The winners will be chosen by judges appointed by Ness Botanic Garden
  24. The judges reserve the right not to choose a winner if, in their opinion, none of the entries meets the required standard
  25. If there is any doubt that the conditions of entry have been beached, the judges will decide whether or not a photograph should be withdrawn. The judges' decision is final
  26. The list of prizes is available on the Ness Botanic Garden website. They are non-transferable. NBG reserve the right to substitute the whole or part of any listed prize with an alternative of similar price or specification. Please note that the prizes must be claimed within one year of the award ceremony or will be forfeited (including any right to receive any substitute prize).