Man holding hegehog in gloves

Hedgehogs - Why should we worry and what can we do?!

12 January 2020 - 12 January 2020, 2:30pm-4pm

Free, but you must reserve a place in advance.

Hugh Warwick is an expert on hedgehogs so join him to learn all about the decline in the hedgehog population and what you can do about it!


Hugh is an author and ecologist with a particular passion for hedgehogs. He will be talking about the threats that hedgehogs face and the ways in which we can all help make a difference. He started studying hedgehogs in the 1980s, up on Orkney, and got hooked!

Now he is a spokesperson for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, runs his own Oxfordshire campaign, HedgeOX - and has just finished his third book about the animal. He does write about other things too! His talks are as entertaining as they are informative - but are never the same twice!