Ness from Home

There are many ways you can stay engaged with Ness Gardens from home. Here you will find a selection of fun activities and links to keep you occupied before our return.

Pictured above-Skimmia japonica by Phil Kay

Get creative and stay active with Rose and Becky's cure for Lockdown lulls for Little'luns

1) Homemade Noughts and Crosses

Take 10 pebbles from your garden or street and paint 5 of them as ladybirds (red and black paint) and 5 as bees (yellow and black paint). Lay out a three-by-three grid using cut-up straws. Hey presto, you've got yourself noughts and crosses, the first to a line of three wins!

2) Pollen Spaceships

Go to this pollen grain archive. Here you will find an array of microscopic images of pollen grains. Up close, these mundane particles take on a life of their own with many appearing like peculiar monsters or alien spaceships. Have a go at sketching your own version or one of the many specimens on show.

3) Grow a Carrot Forest

Using left-over carrot tops from dinner, fill a saucer with a little water and place the carrot tops in. Leave these for a few days and watch out for some green shoots which will quickly erupt from the carrot tops. Trim and maintain your newly created carrot forest!

4) Magnetic Fishing

In lieu of real fishing, our education team have come up with a fun alternative you can do at home. Try cutting out about 10 paper fish, pop a paper clip on the nose of each fish. Colour in each fish to your liking. Then use a short wooden or plastic stick and tie a small magnet to the end with some string. Attribute points to each fish and then see who can ge the most points. Whilst your at it, take a look at this informative website about the dangers of over-fishing our marine ecosystems.

Pictured above-Tulipa gavota by Phil Kay

Photography Competition 2020 is still open!

Now is the perfect time to comb over your old photos of Ness, as well as other outdoor spaces and enter yourself into one of the categories for our 2020 photography competition. For more information and to apply please click here.

Pictured above-Magnolia campbelli by Sara Bishop

Ness Gardens New YouTube Channel

We are pleased announce our new YouTube Channel. Series will include, gardening tips, exclusive archive footage and virtual tours of Ness with our garden staff, including Phil Kay who captured the pictures you see on this page. Check out a snippet from a fascinating interview with Lois Bulley below. For all our videos please visit our Youtube Channel.

Lois Bulley Interview snippet



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