The Garden Team

Our Garden Team are a dedicated bunch who are passionate about plants and Ness itself. You will find them hard at work around the gardens and they always have a minute for visitors. So if you have any questions, don't be shy! 

Nick - Garden and Collections Manager

I lead the garden and plant collections team. I’m responsible for planning and the day-to-day running of the gardens, and I work with Matthew and Zoë to develop and deliver our strategy. I enjoy working with the our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, and my favourite things about Ness are its beautiful setting and learning about, and sharing with others, our fantastic collection of plants.

Phil - Head Gardener

After spending many years as a gardener, I took the opportunity to become Head Gardener In 2016 at the place I know and love. I am lucky enough to work with a great team both directly in the gardens and out. The Team I lead are passionate about the gardens and the work they carry out. What I love most about Ness are the changing seasons as each one brings on a new wave and dimension to the garden.

John - Gardener

As a member of the garden team I'm involved with all aspects of garden maintenance including pruning, weeding, mowing, planting and everything in between! My favourite part of Ness, though I love all 64 acres, has to be the Rock Garden, it’s a place so tranquil that on the sunniest of days you could be anywhere in the world.

Louise - Gardener

I am responsible for looking after the potager and specimen lawn where I apply the principles of permaculture wherever possible. I love growing unusual plants and heritage vegetables in the potager and try to take inspiration from great garden designers like Peter Oudolf and Beth Chatto. I love watching the changing of the seasons at Ness, especially the riots of colour you get in the Summer and of course, chatting with the visitors!

Ian - Gardener

From a young age I would help my father, who was Head Groundsman at Inglewood Manor, with all things gardening including weeding, mowing and the occasional tractor drive...under strict supervision of course!!! My role now encompasses looking after the pinewoods, rhododendron border, laburnum arch and the herbaceous border at Ness but my favourite part is still driving the tractor!

Fred - Gardener

My work currently involves looking after the Rock Garden, developing Little Overdale and I am now responsible for developing the Terraces. After working for Cammell Lairds, I can safely say that I much prefer the outdoor splendor, beautiful panoramic views and fresh air of Ness! My favourite area of the gardens has got to be the Rock Garden, but I love it all.

Nigel - Gardener

More bio information coming soon.

Jess - Gardener

I look after the wilder outer areas of the garden, sometimes called the ‘WilderNess’. It covers about 30 acres and is full of beautiful and unusual trees and shrubs; including hundreds of different birches and rowans and some exceedingly rare conifers. I am really grateful to all the volunteers who help me as I work part-time and it is a big area to look after in 3 days a week! I really love it though and I reckon it the most peaceful part of the garden. It has the best views too!

Warwick - Gardener

I grew up in Little Neston and from an early age could be found in the garden most of the time! I got involved with Ness by volunteering a couple of days week under Peter Cunnington. I now look after the herbaceous borders and pinewoods alongside Ian. Interestingly enough, my Great Uncle worked alongside Arthur Bulley around 1914 but his time at Ness was tragically cut short by the war which cost him his life.

Tim - Botanist

More bio information coming soon.

Mike - HBGT (Historic and Botanic Garden Trainee Programme) Placement

I’m Mike and I am the current Historic and Botanic Garden Training Programme trainee at Ness. This scheme equips the next generation of horticulturalists with the skills they will need to maintain gardens to a high standard in the future, and I am shadowing the gardening team for a one year duration, learning on the job. I love the staff here and chatting with the visitors, there is always so much to learn.