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What is available to me?

This is your gateway to making the most of your time at University.

Whether you are interested in volunteering, mentoring, taking an additional course, learning a new language, being a Student Representative, joining a sports club or any of the 150+ Guild societies, you can find out about all of these and much more.

Use the search box or filters to discover the vast range of opportunities and activities on offer.

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  • UG PGT PGR - Opportunity available to these student groups
  • S - Skill development opportunities
  • H - These activities can go on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). The HEAR is a document you’ll get when you graduate that will have information about the university verified activities you have been involved with. It can be shared with employers when you apply for jobs.

If you are studying more than one subject, you can use the open search box and enter each subject individually to find activities related to each discipline.

Developing your skills

As well as new activities and new friendships, making the most of opportunities beyond your academic studies or research project can equip you with a range of additional skills, many of which will support both your learning and your future employability.

Find out which activities can help develop your skills by looking up what you are interested in and checking the information under the badge. Alternatively, use the skills search box to identify the skills you want to develop and how you can develop them.