William Green

My name is William Green and I am from Bradford in West Yorkshire. I read Music at Christ Church, Oxford, and graduated with First Class Honours in 2013, at which point I came to Liverpool to commence my PhD in Music Analysis with Prof. Michael Spitzer and Dr. Kenneth Smith.

I was awarded the Duncan Norman Research Scholarship from the University. My thesis explores the role of the preludes to each act of Wagner's tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen, and the way in which the dramatic scenario is prefigured therein. I draw upon many strands of music-analytic techniques and philosophical ideas, and I am keen to link Wagner's musical techniques to his reception of Beethoven's music and his understanding of the powerful ferment of idealist philosophy that dominated the Germany of his early maturity.

The transition from Hegelianism to the radicalised Young Hegelianism of the 1840s left its mark on Wagner's theoretical writings, but I am interested to see how the nuances of Hegel's dialectical thinking may be felt in Wagner's music. I hope this will have a reciprocal impact on the way we apply analytical techniques to the fabric of Wagner's music dramas, and our understanding of their philosophical implications.

Aside from academic musicology, I am a keen pianist, and have recently performed such works as Beethoven's Second and Fifth Piano Concertos, Ravel's Concerto for the Left Hand, and Brahms's Second Piano Concerto.