James Millea

I hold a first class honours BA in history and music, and an MA in music and cultural history from University College Cork. My doctoral research is part-funded by the School of the Arts and explores the role of hip-hop in the evolution of the contemporary African-American film soundtrack.

It argues for understanding hip-hop as creative ‘process’, and ‘sampling’, as both compositional apparatus and aesthetic ideology. Through a focus on the New Black Realism of the 1990s and an interdisciplinary framework, it considers how the aesthetics of hip-hop inform the (re)structuring and (re)organisation of sonic material in three elements of the film soundtrack: music, sound effects and the spoken word. 

I have presented papers on my research at numerous specialist and non-specialist conferences across Ireland and the UK. Within the Department of Music I am a teaching assistant and lecturer and coordinator for a module on audio-visual media.