Amanda Barnett

Amanda is a first year Music PhD student joining us from Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. She received her BA in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College and her MA in Popular Music Studies from the University of Liverpool. Amanda is passionate about rock music, especially heavy metal, and the performing arts in general. Most of her research revolves around these topics while conducting ethnography. She primarily studies these through the scope of identity, image and dress code, fan culture, youth culture, subculture, and other group or visual identities.

Her MA dissertation focused entirely on battle jackets and she went on to give two separate conference papers on them. The first one was “Denim Rebels. The Role of the Adorned Denim ‘Battle Jacket’ in Heavy Metal Subculture and Personal Identity” at the Mind over Metal conference at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense. The second paper was “Denim Metals: Does Heavy Metal Dress Code and Subgenre Sabotage or Supercharge the Battle Jacket Experience?” presented at the Metal in Strange Places conference at the University of Dayton, Ohio, USA.

Amanda is excited to continue her research on group and personal identities within heavy metal youth subculture with her proposed PhD project: “For Those About to ‘RockSoc’: Youth, Identity, and Subculture of UK University Rock Societies”. She plans to conduct ethnography across the UK, observing and interviewing members of different university Rock Societies about music, their image, the transition from youth to adulthood, and the role ‘rocksoc’ participation plays in their daily lives.