Music Performance Scholarships for non-Music students

(Open to All)

The University of Liverpool Music Performance Scholarships scheme for non-Music students is open to both home and international undergraduate students. A minimum of two scholarships per annum will be awarded to students studying subjects other than Music. Applicants can be instrumentalists or vocalists.   

Each applicant will need to demonstrate

  • a very high level of musical achievement supported by a reference from a professional musician
  • an track-record of communicating their musical abilities in a range of environments
  • a strong commitment to sustaining and developing the musical life of the University

All recipients of Music Scholarships will receive

  • £1,000 grant for one year initially which may be set against accommodation costs or student loans for University tuition fees
  • opportunities to participate in a wide variety of music making on campus
  • access to selected concerts and careers events as part of the University’s partnership with the Liverpool Philharmonic

Conditions of the Music Scholarships. All recipients must

  • participate regularly in musical ensembles on campus
  • act as ambassadors for music at the University of Liverpool
  • provide evidence of their contribution to musical life on campus through attendance at an informal review at the end of each semester

Subject to the review process above, the University reserves the right to extend scholarships to exceptional students for subsequent years of study or to remove a student from the scheme at the end of any semester.

How to apply

Please complete and submit the Music Performance Scholarships for non-Music students Application Form overleaf or available to download here:

Applications submitted without references will not be accepted.

Applications for 2020/21 are now open and will close on 15 January 2020.  

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