Mr James Wishart B.A. (Hons.), Oxon, M.Mus., Surrey

Lecturer Music


Research Interest 1

Composition for acoustic and electroacoustic forces. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary issues in relation to Composition. Music technology/study of electroacoustic music and its aesthetics. Multimedia and composition. Issues of arrangement, transcription and recomposition. Music in relation to other artforms. Words and music. Music and politics. Opera and music-theatre. Historical and Analytical topics in Classical Music. Performance studies. Performance aesthetics. Study of recorded musical performances. Musical notation issues - esp. new notational developments. History of American music, history of Australian music. Aesthetics of the avant-garde. The development of modernism. Modernism and postmodernism. Composition for 'early musical instruments'. Music and complexity theory (and related issues). Soundscape/archival and compositional uses of ambient environment.

Research Collaborations


External: University of Liverpool

Collaboration on a project to arrange and orchestrate a work existing only in the form of sketches and audio files, for the purposes of concert performance and CD recording. Original musical ideas by David Jephcott (ca. 12 mins) expanded to final composition (23 mins.) Concert performance pending during 2008, CD launch in September 2007. Collaboration percentage close to 50% each.