Dr Haekyung Um PhD, MA, BA

Director of Postgraduate Research and Lecturer in Music Music


    Research Interest 1

    I specialise in contemporary Asian performing arts with an emphasis on the politics of performance, cultural identity and policy, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism. I have published one monograph, Korean Musical Drama: P’ansori: The Making of Tradition in Modernity (Ashgate, 2013) and two edited volumes, Diasporas and Interculturalism in Asian Performing Arts (RoutledgeCurzon, 2005) and Rediscovering Traditional Korean Performing Arts (KAMS, 2012). I also published on Korean hip-hop, South Asian music in Britain and Chinese Korean dance drama. I have directed a collaborative research project on K-pop fandom and reception in Europe and am currently preparing a book entitled Asian Pop Music in Cosmopolitan Europe: K-pop Fandom in the Age of Globalisation (Routledge). My new research project looks at the ways in which Korean TV music reality programmes contribute to the canonisation of Korean popular music and the creation of popular music heritage through performance, mediation and mediatisation.

    Research Collaborations

    Dr. Kamal Salhi

    External: The University of Leeds

    AHRC-ESRC Network/Workshop (Religion and Society) entitled 'Performance, politics, piety: music as debate in Muslim societies of North Africa, South Asia, West Asia and their diasporas'