Twisting Ways: The Music of David Braid & Philippe Côté featuring Dr Lee Tsang

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Twisting Ways by Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra

Twisting Ways, performed by the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, is a UK-Canadian collaboration combining the poetry of Dr. Lee Tsang with music by Montreal-based composer, Philippe Côté and Toronto pianist/composer, David Braid. The music is directed by Richard Gillis and features vocalists Sarah Slean and Karly Epp.

Composers David Braid and Philippe Côté discuss working with Dr Lee Tsang

The centre-piece of the album, Twisting Ways, begins with The Hand, sung from the perspective of a nightingale, guided by a mysterious force called The Hand. The second half revolves around the companion piece Hope Shadow, sung from the perspective of the mysterious force itself. Together, these texts explore imagery related to the human spirit and its transgressions.

Twisting Ways will be released on 7th May 2021. Preorder at