The Wooden Prince: Bartok and his response to Wagner's Greek Mythology

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Emma Jervis

As part of the module Post-Wagnerian Music and Philosophy (MUSI230), Music student Emma Jervis created a podcast titled 'The Wooden Prince: Bartók and his response to Wagner's Greek Mythology'.

This podcast was my submission for a Post-Wagnerian Music and Philosophy assessment. The podcast discusses how Bartók's fairy-tale ballet "The Wooden Prince" can be considered as a response to Wagner's works returning to Greek Myth, particularly focusing on their differing interpretations of Nature.

Post-Wagnerian Music and Philosophy aims to introduce a range of genres by various European composers that were influenced by Wagnerian music drama, to consider music’s response to philosophical trends at the turn of the 20th century and to explore the post-Wagnerian repertoire with a range of aesthetic, hermeneutic and analytical strategies.