Mr Joan Mas Font

Lecturer in Catalan Studies Modern Languages and Cultures


    Personal Statement

    I have a BA in Catalan Language and Literature (Filologia Catalana) from University of the Balearic Islands and a MA in Teaching Catalan as a Foreign Language from Autonomous University of Barcelona. My dissertation analyses the role of literature in Catalan textbooks for non-Catalan speakers. I have also done a Postgraduate's Degree in Proofreading and Linguistics (Catalan) at Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have taught Catalan at the University of Belgrade, in Serbia, as an intern. In 2014/2015 I worked as a Catalan language teacher at the Bristol Language School, before I joined the University of Liverpool as a Catalan Studies Lecturer.

    Catalan Studies at Liverpool are partially funded by the Institut Ramon Llull.

    Administrative Roles

    • Module Convenor Catalan Language and Culture modules (HISP106/107, HISP206/207, HISP306/307 and HISP308/309)
    • Academic Advisor

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