Mr Joan Mas Font

Lecturer in Catalan Studies Modern Languages and Cultures


    Personal Statement

    I have a BA in Catalan Language and Literature (Filologia Catalana) from University of the Balearic Islands and a MA in Teaching Catalan as a Foreign Language from Autonomous University of Barcelona. My dissertation analyses the role of literature in Catalan textbooks for non-Catalan speakers. I have also done a Postgraduate's Degree in Proofreading and Linguistics (Catalan) at Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have taught Catalan at the University of Belgrade, in Serbia, as an intern. In 2014/2015 I worked as a Catalan language teacher at the Bristol Language School, before I joined the University of Liverpool as a Catalan Studies Lecturer.

    I teach in Catalan Language and Culture modules and also in the module Introduction to Iberian and Latin American Studies.

    Catalan Studies at Liverpool are partially funded by the Institut Ramon Llull.