Our partners

The Microbiome Innovation Centre is grateful for the support of many important partners.


Unilever has been working with the University’s Centre for Genomics Research (CGR)on the human microbiome for well over ten years. During this time, the CGR has facilitated agile and cost-effective access to microbiome expertise, including multiplatform sequencingand array technologies, for Unilever researchers across the globe. The unique nature of the CGR provides a template for how staff can work collaboratively to meet society’s grand challenges, and drive the organisations’ competitive advantage. The extensive work into advanced translational microbiome research, together with an increase in industry demand, led to the development of the Microbiome Innovation Centre. 

The Natural Environment Research Council

The University of Liverpool has provided a wide range of genomic services and expertise for over 10 years, including developing new methods of analysis of the natural ecology of microbial communities. The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) will provide £13million funding which will allow the University to integrate genomic, metabolomic and proteomic analyses.

Liverpool Health Partners

This partnership brings together the higher education institutes and NHS Trusts within Merseyside to enable collaborative research that meets the health needs of the local population. An increasing body of microbiome research has been conducted under this collaborative agreement. This includes investigating drug action, antimicrobial resistance and the aetiology of non-communicable disease.

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