Our Affiliated Members

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Prof Rachel Bearon Head of Mathematical Sciences rbearon@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Barry Campbell  Professor of Gastrointestinal Physiology & Infection Biology  bjcampbl@liv.ac.uk  
Dr Dan Carr Lecturer, Pharmacology & Therapeutics  dancarr@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Alan Cartmell Tenure Track Fellow alan.cartmell@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Ewa Chrostek Research Fellow  e.chrostek@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Jude Curran  Interim Head of Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Engineering  j.curran@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Raechelle D’Sa  Senior Lecturer in Antimicrobial Materials  rdsa@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Alistair Darby  Co-Director of Centre for Genomic Research  alistair.Darby@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Shampa Das  Senior Lecturer  shampa.das@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Peers Davies Reader in Livestock Health & Welfare peers.davies@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer Duncan Senior Lecturer in Livestock Health and Welfare jsduncan@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Steve Edwards Infection Biology & Microbes s.w.edwards@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Nicholas Evans Senior Lecturer evansnj@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Eric Fevre Chair of Veterinary Infectious Diseases eric.fevre@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Roy Goodacre Chair in Biological Chemistry roy.goodacre@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Bill Greenhalf GCPLab Facility  greenhaf@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr James Hall  Tenure Track Fellow   j.p.j.hall@liverpool.ac.uk 
Prof Julian Hiscox  Chair in Infection & Global Health  julianh@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Kai Hoettges  Lecturer, Electrical Engineering and Electronics  k.hoettges@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Mal Horsburgh  Programme Director for MSc Infection & Immunity  m.j.Horsburgh@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Greg Hurst  Evolution Ecology & Behaviour  g.hurst@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Aras Kadioglu  Professor of Bacterial Pathogenesis  a.kadioglu@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Stephen Kaye  Professor of Opthalmology  s.b.kaye@liverpool.ac.uk 
Prof Douglas Kell  Research Chair in Systems Biology  dbk@liverpool.ac.uk 
Prof Louise Kenny  Executive Pro-Vice Chancellor  louise.kenny@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Howbeer Muhamad-Ali  Tenure Track Research Fellow  howbeer.muhamad-ali@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Dan R Neill  SL Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow  d.neill@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof George Oikonomou  Professor of Cattle Health & Welfare  goikon@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed  David Weatherall Chair of Medicine  munirp@liverpool.ac.uk
Prof Mark Pritchard  Professor of Gastroenterology & Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist  dmpritch@liverpool.ac.uk 
Prof Chris Probert  Professor of Gastroenterology  mdcsjp@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Kieran Sharkey  Dept. of Mathematical Sciences  kjs@liverpool.ac.uk 
Prof Soraya Shirazi-Beechey  Professor of Molecular Physiology & Biochemistry  spsb@liverpool.ac.uk 
Prof Mark Viney  Head of Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour  mev@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Raj Whitlock  Senior Lecturer  r.whitlock@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Daniel Wootton  NIHR Advanced Fellow in Respiratory Infection  d.g.Wootton@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Qibo Zhang  Senior Lecturer in Immunology  qibo.zhang@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Sharon Zytynska  BBSRC Research Fellow  sharon.zytynska@liverpool.ac.uk


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