Members of our team have written about clinical communication in several peer reviewed papers. Our research feeds directly into our teaching.

Relevant Publications

Huntley, C. D., Salmon, P., Fisher, P. L., Fletcher, I., & Young, B. (2012). LUCAS: a theoretically informed instrument to assess clinical communication in objective structured clinical examinations. MEDICAL EDUCATION, 46(3), 267-276. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2923.2011.04162.x. Read online

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Salmon P, Young B. A new paradigm for clinical communication: critical review of literature in cancer care. Medical Education. 2017;51(3):258-68. Read online.

I think the CCP sessions were very useful in preparation of communication skills essential to palliative care and oncology placements, as well as the opportunity to practice with a simulated patient.

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