Sharing Concerns

Please report all concerns about a student, however small, using the School of Medicine Sharing Concerns Form.

Changes have been made to the way University Staff, Clinicians and Students can raise concerns with the School of Medicine. The aim is to provide a clear process with a ‘one-stop’ point for a wide range of potential concerns.

The new system will enable Staff, Clinicians and Students to raise concerns regarding:

  • Patient safety and Student safety
  • Discrimination, harassment, undermining and bullying
  • Urgent placement concerns (with guidance)
  • Wellbeing, progress and professionalism (with links to an updated Measuring Professionalism Form) 

If you have a concern to share, download the and complete the following form:

The Sharing Concerns Form can also be accessed in every students e-portfolio in the ‘About’ section. We would be grateful if you could mention this new link to Students during their placement induction.

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