Educational Supervisor Role and E-portfolio requirements

The GP tutor will act as the student’s Educational Supervisor (ES) for their GP placement. The GP tutor/supervisor will be required to register with Liverpool School of Medicine in order to gain access to their student’s e-portfolio. For assistance please click here.

Students are required to meet with their Educational Supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss their progress and also to ensure that they are achieving the learning outcomes of the placement. We anticipate that this will take place at the same time as the Student Tutorial.

For technical support please see the Year 3 and Year 4 Educational Supervisor E-portfolio Guide which provides step by step guidance on how to use the E-portfolio.

  • Year 3 and 4 First Education Supervisor meeting

    • To take place during week one of the placement. This is a one-to-one meeting and is estimated to take approximately 30 minutes.
    • Students must have uploaded all necessary information into their e-portfolio at least 48 hours before the meeting.
    • At the initial meeting you should:
    • Check that the student has received an induction and is aware of how to access support and report concerns.
    • Ensure that the student has received appropriate timetables and other information that they need for the placement.
    • Discuss the Learning outcomes and student specific learning needs and how the student will develop these over the placement.
    • Discuss the evidence that the student needs to enter into their e-portfolio throughout the placement.
    • Record that the initial meeting has occurred on the relevant e-portfolio form.

    For more detailed information on the educational supervisor process please the Year 3 and 4 Clinical & Educational Supervision Handbook.

  • Year 3 and 4 Weekly Education Supervisor Meeting


    You will meet your student on a weekly basis during the placement. You will:

    • Meet the student for approximately one hour weekly.
    • Ensure that the student reports on their activities and work diary for the previous week, including the number of sessions they have attended, number of patients seen, clinical skills, teaching sessions and they must be able to articulate the learning achieved during the week.
    • Facilitate student presentation of some cases they have seen.
    • Sign-off any activities appropriate for the e-portfolio.
    • Facilitate other discussions, educational activity and teaching as thought appropriate by the ES.
    • Share your concerns about an individual student with the GP placement co-ordinator if appropriate.
  • Year 3 and 4 End of Placement Education Supervisor Meeting

    • To take place at the end/during the final week of the placement. This is a one-to-one meeting and expected to take approximately one hour.
    • Students must have uploaded all necessary information into their e-portfolio at least 48 hours before the meeting.

    You will:

    • Review the progress over the whole placement in relation to the curriculum and learning outcomes.
    • Ensure that appropriate work has been completed and entered into the clinical workbooks. You should check that that a representative spread of work has been reported and that sign offs have been by appropriate clinicians.
    • Fill in the end of placement assessment form within the e-portfolio
    • Inform the GP placement co-ordinator of any concerns.
  • Year 5 SAMP Initial PETA


    Guidance for PETAs:

    • Initial, Mid and Final PETA week 1, 4 and 8 respectively
    • Opportunity to discuss the Patient Journey, SAMP projects; discharge summaries and Patient satisfaction questionnaires

    Initial PETA

    • Initial PETA discussion and completion on eportfolio
    • Learning outcomes for the student to be discussed for the placement
    • Patient journey case to be planned
    • Ideas for SAMP project
    • Discharge letters - discussion regarding junior doctor discharge letters.
    • We will ask the students to bring in a discharge summary at our university based Community SAMP session week 4 (all patient identifiers to be excluded)
    • Student satisfaction questionnaires to be prepared to be given to patients (at least 10 – one to be given to patient journey project) - optional
  • Year 5 SAMP Mid-Term PETA


    Mid-term PETA

    • Mid-term PETA completion on eportfolio
    • Review progress on SAMP report and Patient Journey
    • Discharge letters if not previously discussed
    • Review of patient satisfaction questionnaires
    • Review E-portfolio progress requirements
  • Year 5 SAMP Final PETA


    Final Peta

    • Final PETA completion on eportfolio
    • Patient journey project
    • Review/discussion of SAMP report
    • Review of patient satisfaction questionnaires
    • Ensure completion on E-portfolio Requirements
  • E-portfolio Requirements


    Throughout the MBChB programme the students are required to record evidence of their learning in an electronic portfolio. Below is a summary of the types of evidence they require:

    • Observed Examination (OE): the student receiving feedback after being observed performing an examination.
    • Case Presentation & Discussion (CPAD): the student receiving feedback after the verbal presentation and discussion of a case that they have seen. These are to include the presentation of a history, examination, summary, differential diagnoses and the discussion of a management plan.
    • Directly Observed Procedural Skills (DOPS): the student receiving feedback after being observed performing a procedure e.g. Intramuscular injection.

    Students are required to obtain “suggested” and “minimum” number of forms for each placement.  Minimum numbers are required for students to progress to their next year of studies. Suggested numbers are considered to be an appropriate number for students to adequately prepare for their OSCE examination and future practice as a junior doctor. Suggested numbers also act as guidance for students aiming to achieve excellence and commendation forms. There are no required number of DOPS for students during their General Practice placements but rather they should complete DOPS as the opportunity arises.

    Year 3 E-portfolio requirements

    Year 4 E-portfolio requirements

    Year 5 E-portfolio requirements

    *Year 4, students are expected to achieve these numbers over their combined four and two week placements (six weeks in total).


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