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[This page last updated 10 October 2016]

* Introduction

* MCS News and Topical Issues + local news

See the new MCS website which was launched in November 2015, featuring use of the new logo - which looks like this ...

* Details of the next MCS Evening Presentation : Tuesday 18 October

Presentation to be given by Mike Eccles of Liverpool City Planning Department on the subject of 'The Draft Liverpool Local Plan (2016)', at the Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool at 1830 (for refreshments) for 1900. All are welcome to attend this open meeting.

See recent letters of objection submitted by MCS in response to planning applications ...
for example, to the St Julie's Catholic High School in Woolton and the potential impact on, inter alia, Woolton Woods
and the Neptune scheme for Lime Street - plus a Radio Merseyside interview with MCS Chair Dr Peter Brown on this controversial topic.

* MCS Programme of Meetings etc

* MCS Membership Matters

* MCS Constitutional Matters

* MCS Other Civic and Amenity Societies

* MCS Local Agencies

* MCS Culture and Heritage Sites

* MCS Consultation/Correspondence Page
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The MCS website has been created to enable links to be made to sources of information that may be of interest to members of Merseyside Civic Society or those who share an interest in the aims of the Society.

Merseyside Civic Society

Since 1938 Merseyside Civic Society has helped to preserve key elements of the best of the area's past, such as the Albert Dock and the Lyceum, as well as demanding design quality for the future. We admire and cherish the buildings and associated spaces that celebrate the area's past economic and cultural status and continue to contribute to its uniquely rich architectural and urban design heritage. We also believe the city and sub-region have a splendid future and want to contribute to making it all the more splendid. Although Liverpool is at the hub of our activities, we embrace the whole of Merseyside and take a concerned interest in its environmental development and regeneration.

As a charitable organisation, we depend upon subscriptions and membership renewals. We encourage those who share our concerns to attend MCS events and to maintain awareness of, and participate in, our activities.

The aims of Merseyside Civic Society can be summarised as follows:

* To stimulate public interest in the enhancement of the quality of life in the city region
* To engage in debate and discussion and conduct research in support of this aim
* To promote high standards of town planning, architecture and design in the area
* To ensure the preservation, conservation, development, improvement and careful stewardship of features of general public amenity
* To seek to safeguard areas and structures of historic and/or public interest
* To strengthen links between interested bodies, such as the Civic Trust and local civic and amenity societies, and communicate shared interests/information via the internet
* To hold occasional meetings, lectures and exhibitions
* To publish reports, books and other relevant material on matters of shared concern
* To represent local interests at public inquiries, and to offer constructive comment on proposed schemes and on other occasions when the above issues are debated

We welcome new developments that sustain, enhance and complement the area's unique stock of architectural and urban design assets. Part of our role is to ensure that what is built is of sufficiently high quality of design and execution to justify a place in our city region and to make a positive contribution to the heritage that we bequeath to future generations.

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