Photo of Prof Ke Chen

Prof Ke Chen BSc, MSc, PhD, C.Math

Professor Mathematical Sciences


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Development of fast multilevel optimization techniques for image segmentation and registration models with application to oncology
    • Advanced Imaging Fusion Models for Systematic Interpretation of Serial Follow-Up after Endovascular Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
    • Development of New Mathematical Sciences Capabilities for Healthcare Technologies
    • Automatic CT Segmentation of the Lungs for Diagnostics and Treatment Monitoring of Lung Diseases
    • Boundary integral methods.
    • Image segmentation registration study
    • Fast Wavelets based Iterative Solvers for Dense Linear Systems from Differential and Integral Equations.
    • Biomedical imaging challenges, models and algorithms
    • A Novel Diagnostic Tool: from Structural Health Monitoring to Tissue Damage Prediction
    • Development of effective algorithms of deblurring fundus images for improving diagnosis and management of retinal disease
    • Fast numerical algorithms for solving image problems.
    Research Collaborations

    Image processing group and CAM

    External: University of California, LA

    Joint projects and joint research papers

    Computational Maths

    External: University of Bergen, Norway

    Image processing projects

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