Theoretical Physics


The theoretical physics group at Liverpool specialises on Theoretical Particle Physics. This is the study of the fundamental constituents and forces describing the Universe and encompasses high energy particle theory, including the Standard Model and its extensions, gauge theories and supersymmetry, string theory and its phenomenlogy, and studies of strongly interacting matter using lattice gauge theory. The theoretical physics group has strong links with the experimental particle physics group in the Department of Physics.

Staff members working on gauge field theories and their phenomenology are: Profs John Gracey, Ian Jack ,Tim Jones, Andreas Vogt and Drs Martin Gorbahn and Thomas Teubner whose interests range widely over many aspects of particle theory, including perturbative QCD, supersymmetry, beyond the standard model physics, collider phenomenology, neutrino physics and nonperturbative quantum field theory.

Another major area of research in the theory group is string theory and phenomenology. The staff members of this group are Prof Alon Faraggi and Drs Thomas Mohaupt and Radu Tatar. Their directions of research cover string ctheory compactifications, supersymmetric field theories, black holes physics, beyond standard model physics, alternative formulation of quantum mechanics and searching for various mathematical avenues to make connections between string theory and the real world.

Lattice gauge theory is also a highly developed area of research at Liverpool pursued by Dr Paul Rakow. He is an active member of the national lattice gauge theory collaboration UKQCD and have access to facilities allowing world class computations in non-perturbative QCD.

Dr Susha Parameswarn is active in the field of cosmology.