String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology

Welcome to the String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology Group in the Division of Theoretical Physics at the University of Liverpool.

Here you will find a description of our research interests and links to our recent publications, our telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, seminar announcements, opening positions, some practical information about how to get here and to help your staying with us and last but not least a few selected links to useful physics sites on the web.

You can also find the courses offered to PhD students in 2022/23.


10th May:  Student Seminar

Maxime Médevielle, "T-duality across non-extremal horizons"

16th May:  String Theory and BSM Seminar 

Alonzo Diaz, "Fayet-Iliopoulos D-Term in Non-Supersymmetric Heterotic String Orbifolds"

Postponed: Distinguished Barkla Lecture in Theoretical Physics

Ignacio Cirac, "Quantum computing and simulation with errors",

Wolf Prize Winner for his work on Quantum Information and Quantum Computing

Find more information at and register here to help with planning.

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday - 1pm: String Theory and BSM seminar

Wednesday - 1pm: Fundamental Particle Physics seminar

3pm Student Seminar

Thursday 3pm Lectures on "Model Building in Heterotic String Orbifolds"

3pm Strings Journal Club

Friday - 2pm: Theory meeting

Contacts Our group is located in the Mathematical Sciences building at the University of Liverpool:

Theoretical Physics Cluster Mathematical Sciences Building Peach Street Liverpool, L69 7ZL The department can be found as building 206 on the university campus map. Once in the Mathematical Sciences building follow the signs to the Theoretical Physics Cluster.

You can also find all the contacts of specific members of the String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology Group here.